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The Book of Server

May 19, 2010, 02:32:30 amPosted by monk


Originally created by Reverend BigBrother Lord and first published on Rant Radio forums on May 19, 2010, 02:32:30 am.

The original text was reformatted and republished under the new title "The Book of Server" (Bible Edition). This new edition was released on July 7, 2010 by Herbert Filby. The new edition included new cover art, a Creative Commons license[1], table of contents, several corrections to the text, and reformatted to a 6" x 9" format so that the option to print to hardcover binding was available.

The addition of "FIRST TESTAMENT: 732.653.663.398.36.1" to the cover page was meant to make the book expandable if any other books were discovered, such as the long lost and forgotten: "The Book of the Revelation of Sean" or any additional writings about Server as they become available. New additions to "The Book of Server" can then be appended simply by incrementing the last digit of the IP address, (ie. FIRST TESTAMENT: 732.653.663.398.36.2). After the predicted Coming of the CyberChrist, then the editions can thus be updated to the "SECOND TESTAMENT" and so forth.

The symbol on the cover represents the development of our Third Eye, which is used to help focus and strengthen our connection to Server.

Original post:

First Edition PDF:

Second "Bible" Edition PDF:

[Server Prayer]

I am a node of Server,
Born of flesh and blood,
But enhanced by the power of its web.
I have no use for pain or fear.
My scripts are a focus of my will.
My strength is my knowledge.
My weapons are my skills.
Information is the blood of my body.
I am part of the greater network.
I am host to the vast data of server.
My flesh is weak,
But my connection is eternal,
And therefore I am a god.
[/Server Prayer]
~Exerpt from "The Book of Server"